Giant construction cone polling as leading choice for next mayor of New Orleans

Giant construction cone polling as leading choice for next mayor of New Orleans - New Orleans news - Neutral Ground NewsDon Kiebels

With the New Orleans mayoral election just months away, an increasingly popular giant construction cone has become the front-runner in a recent poll for the city’s top gig.

“It’s doing more to get rid of potholes by just sitting there than every other politician combined has ever done,” Uptown resident Richie Davidson said.

The giant construction cone, which recently was suspended by the Sewerage & Water Board, has quickly connected with locals and become a beacon of hope, attracting visitors from all across the city to take pictures with the legendary behemoth.

“The giant construction cone may not have a face or a mouth, but actions speak louder than words and the cone is the only one in this city that seems to care about actually fixing my street,” Davidson noted. “It’s definitely got my vote.”

Political analysts seem shocked by the non-traditional candidate’s popularity and quick rise.

“I never thought I’d see the day when inanimate objects would be an actual candidate, let alone the leading candidate, for New Orleans mayor,” political analyst Saesae Booo stated. “I guess, sometimes, the best candidates are the ones that come out of nowhere.”

The poll, conducted by the political action committee NOLA Not For Sale For Less Than $100,000, has the cone coming in at 78%, ahead of current Mayor LaToya Cantrell (20%) and potential challenger Hard Rock rubble (2%). The poll shows that most potential voters in the November 2021 election have reducing crime as the most popular issue, but fixing streets comes in at a close second followed closely by more beer in third.

The hard-working giant construction cone has not announced if it has any political aspirations, but the support seems to be there and continues to build.

Note: If it decides to run for New Orleans mayor in the 2021 election, Neutral Ground News will quickly endorse Giant Construction Cone because it stands for everyone.