Flying roach shot, burned in Mid-City home invasion

Roach shot, burned in Mid-City home invasion

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Detectives continue to investigate a home invasion that ended in a shooting and a fire Monday night in Mid-City that left one roach dead. The homeowner, 27-year-old Kelly Baker, said she shot the roach because she believed her life was in danger and then burned her home down “just to be sure.”

“The damned thing was going to fly directly at my head if I didn’t do something. And, uh, helllll no,” said Baker.

Police say that around 10:30 pm last night, a giant, flying roach made its way through a living room window and began crawling down the curtains before being noticed. Baker said she had just seconds to act because the can of Raid was in the other room and there was no way she was using her shoes, so she pulled out her gun and shot, hitting the roach.

Baker, who was home alone at the time, then doused the place with gasoline and evacuated moments later before setting it ablaze. When asked if she overreacted to the situation as she is now homeless, Baker remained confident in her decision.

“What if I only wounded it and it came back? Have you seen these things? I had to be sure. Burning it with fire was the only way to be sure. And I’m at peace with my choice,” said Baker.

Michael Harrison, Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department, says that as roaches become bolder during these warm months you can expect more home invasions to occur.

“The NOPD advises residents to stay vigilant and report any suspicious activity to a pest control professional. You know, like a normal person would.”

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