Enterprising New Orleanians take Mardi Gras tradition virtual with new “Zoomboob” app

Enterprising New Orleanians take Mardi Gras tradition virtual with new “Zoomboob” appDon Kiebels

Facing a Mardi Gras unlike any other in city history, New Orleanians are finding creative ways to keep Carnival traditions alive.

While you may not be able to experience Fat Tuesday festivities this year in person, a Metairie-based software company, NicePairDere Computers n’ Stuff, has created a smartphone app that allows folks to get all that fun off their chests and continue a unique part of Mardi Gras while maintaining social distancing.

According to the app’s creator Bob Wade, ‘Zoomboob’ is set up similar to popular ‘Zoom’ and will “allow ladies from across the nation who had been planning to come to the Big Easy, drink heavily, and show off their hooters to the general public, to still do that all from the safety of their own home.”

Wade says you can use the app only if you wear a mask, which he noted adheres to city health guidelines while also allowing users the opportunity to go ‘incognito’ so no one gets doxxed.

“We’re all in this together, you know,” Wade said. “With Covid, safety is the number one priority and the main reason we created the app. That, and we really, really, really like tittles. And Mardi Gras. Okay, the three reasons we created the app. And everyone already knows how to use Zoom.”

To use ‘Zoomboob’, an extroverted co-ed simply opens the app and opens her shirt for one to three seconds in front of her smartphone’s camera. Viewers will be presented with a screen showing a sea of other ladies in the app’s ‘crowd’ and can reward their favorites by tapping a small icon that “throws virtual beads” and creates “woo” cheering sounds.

“We saw the Krewe of House Floats thing and figured the least we could do is provide some more lift to the area’s sagging morale. Booze, beads, and boobs during Mardi Gras are as much a tradition as potholes on our streets, so we threw our full support in keeping it alive.”

The app, available for Apple and Android devices starting next week, will be a free download thanks to a sponsorship by Brother’s Fried Chicken, which will offer users two free additional breasts with any combo meal purchase.

Zoomboob, Wade said, is also looking into expanding its capabilities for use outside of the Mardi Gras season and has already been approached by several notable brands and people looking to sponsor or buyout the app such as Pornhub, Ochsner, Dr. Juggs Plastic Surgery, Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Bra Genie, Sidney Torres, and Dairy Farmers of America.