‘DitchLandrieu.com’ Marks Time Remaining in New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu’s Final Term

Neutral Ground News - New Orleans News - SatireDon Kiebels

(NEW ORLEANS, April 13, 2018) — New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu has entered the homestretch of his exhausting final term and, love him or leave him, one website is marking the monumental occasion.

Targeting May 7, 2018, when mayor-elect LaToya Cantrell assumes power, DitchLandrieu.com is tracking the controversial leader’s remaining days, hours, minutes, and seconds left pretending to be in office while on a book tour.

The site created by Neutral Ground News, features a countdown clock, links to a #DitchLandrieu Facebook event with ideas on how locals can celebrate the day, a “Mitchssiah” t-shirt, and satirical news and images news of the mayor.

DitchLandrieu.com, while simple, also acts as a personal timer for Landrieu that lets the mayor know exactly when he’ll be able to devote more time to his book tour, interviews, and speaking engagements without any other responsibilities getting in the way. You can also follow along with a countdown clock on the website of Neutral Ground News.

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