Cox announces upgrades for New Orleans that will triple billing speeds

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Aside from the announcement to limit data for home internet users in Louisiana, Cox Communications has also revealed plans for a major system upgrade in New Orleans that will triple billing speeds for its customers.

The upgrade, which utilizes Cox’s patented AstraGlidex technology, will put New Orleans in a unique position to assist with back-end development before the service goes live nationally.

“Soon, Cox will be able to send hundreds, if not thousands of bills to a customer at speeds other providers can only dream of delivering,” Vice President Brad Fleece said. “With Gigabill, it’ll be like stepping into the future and getting all your bills for the next decade at one time.”

Although New Orleans typically is not a market where major companies test new technology or services, Fleece thinks the city is a perfect fit for tripled billing speeds.

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Cox’s advises customers to sign up for its EasyPay system, which automatically deducts your balance each month from your bank account.

“When it comes to billing in most cities we can only send maybe a few bills per month and really have to rely on fine, barely legible print to get more out of customers. But in New Orleans, where 70 percent of the adult population reads below an 8th-grade level and functional illiteracy stands at 44 percent, the opportunities are endless,” Fleece stated.

The upgrade, which is scheduled for deployment in New Orleans in late 2020 with a national roll-out the following year, reportedly will come to customers at no obvious cost. Although, Cox advises customers to thoroughly check their bills as usual.

“Cox likes to set a standard of service that our customers can count on and, with this upgrade, we think our customers will feel comfortable knowing nothing has changed except the speed of billing,” said Cox spokesman Phil McRevis.

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