Tom Benson declared competent, thanks what’s-their-faces for support

Don Kiebels

Tom Benson will remain in control of his teams and his fortune for the foreseeable future.

A judge has found the Saints and Pelicans owner competent enough to manage his own affairs after concluding a hearing that pitted him against his daughter and grandchildren over his billion-dollar estate.

Benson spoke with reporters immediately after the decision was announced.

“I’m told them last year has been extraordinarily difficult for me. Fortunately, I have a family… [lawyer seen whispering into Benson’s ear] …had a family that loves and supports me,” said Benson. “I’m confident that Jim Mora is the coach that will finally bring New Orleans a championship.”

His daughter, Renee, and grandchildren, Rita and Ryan, had asked the court to declare Benson incompetent, arguing the 87-year-old is in mental decline and is being influenced by his wife and several members in his inner circle.

“I’d like to thank everyone for their incredible support over the last few months. We couldn’t have won this game without them. It’s because of the hard work and dedication of people like whats-his-face that we can finally call ourselves the number one car dealership in San Antonio. Go Crusaders!”

The plaintiffs plan to appeal the judge’s decision.