Coach Payton attributes loss to Atlanta on roasted Falcon meal

Roasted Falcon Sean PaytonDon Kiebels

Addressing the media after a wild 37-34 overtime loss to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton revealed why his team lost. The coach squarely places his squad’s defeat on his unfortunate choice to order “roasted Falcon” for dinner the night before the game.

Coach Sean Payton Glasses“It was feathery, dry and awful. I was heaving all morning,” said coach Payton. “I could barely see straight during the game and had to put my glasses on. Colston’s fumble at the end was actually a designed play that I unfortunately called because I couldn’t clearly see my play card. That one is on me.”

While Payton, who appeared in a Whitney Bank/VISA commercial last year in which he ordered and devoured a roasted falcon, said the loss was hard for him to stomach, he admitted the meal was rougher.

“Believe me, it won’t happen again. Mainly because I don’t think my colon could take it. But we’ll be sure to roast them on the football field only from now on.”