Activist demands Lee statue in Metairie be removed

Is the Harry Lee statue in Metairie the next to go?Don Kiebels


Following the lead of Take ‘Em Down NOLA after their calls for New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu to “finish the job,” a social activist is demanding Jefferson Parish remove the statue of the late Sheriff Harry Lee in Metairie, which currently stands in a memorial park near the intersection of Veterans Boulevard and Causeway Boulevard.

“If we removed the Lee statue in New Orleans, why should we keep a Lee statue in Metairie? We need to fight racism everywhere,” said Lynn Moore, founder of Worldly Hipsters Impeding Negative Equality.

Moore said WHINE will be holding a mass protest at the statue this Thursday at 10:00 am to demand the Parish Council follow Mayor Landrieu’s lead and begin the process of taking the statue down.

“This is the first we’ve heard about this, but people these days are pretty dumb so it doesn’t surprise me,” a source on the Jefferson Parish Council who spoke to Neutral Ground News on condition of anonymity. “Besides being a good man, Harry Lee was a Sheriff—not a Civil War general.”

Not so, countered Moore.

“Harry Lee was a general. In fact, Harry Lee was the father of Robert E. Lee. Look it up on Google. You can’t deny the facts. And if you don’t see the resemblance between the statues, you’re blind. The Parish needs to remove the statue or we will stage more protests.”

When asked if the Parish Council will be making this a priority, our source said, “Not likely. Our murder rate isn’t that high.”