Bert says assume all loud noises are dangerous - Duck and Cover

Authorities: From now on, assume any ‘firecracker sounds’ is gunfire

After yet another mass shooting in the United States, authorities across the nation are advising citizens, from this day forward, to always assume anything that sounds even remotely like firecrackers is, in fact, gunfire until proven otherwise. “Witnesses always say … read more


Zatarain's New Orleans Water Boil

Zatarain’s unveils new seasoning: New Orleans Water Boil

In order to help New Orleanians through the recent water boil warnings, local favorite Zatarain’s announced today they are marketing a brand new seasoning named ‘New Orleans Water Boil.’ Called ‘NOWB’ for short, Zatarain’s director of product development Anne deLouise … read more


Scientist reveals hurricane season predictions based on drinking

Scientist reveals hurricane season predictions based on drinking

The process scientists use for making hurricane season predictions isn’t nearly as scientific as one might think. According to a prominent scientist at Colorado State University’s Department of Atmospheric Sciences — the group that releases annual predictions on the number … read more